Our Philosophy

At Cavalry Healthcare we believe in truly understanding the requirements of our clients, earning their trust and giving something back both to them and the community. We call this: Learn, Earn and Return.


As Cavalry Healthcare is run by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals, a registered nurse will visit you at your organisation and learn exactly what you require of the nurses and carers you book thorough us. We understand that different organisations have different cultures and requirements and we also understand that RGNs and carers have different personalities and skillsets. Rather than just sending any nurse or carer, we match your unique requirements across our database of staff to make sure we send you someone who is a good ‘fit’ with your organisation. If you aren’t 100% happy with a member of staff that we send, simply let us know and we won’t send them again.


When working as a Senior Hospice Nurse our founder Rory McDonnell found it unacceptable that that many agency staff he encountered either lacked the skills or the motivation to be useful. Some would fall asleep on shifts and others would be so clinically de-skilled that it was difficult to justify why they were there at all. All Cavalry Healthcare staff are rigorously vetted and their skills and qualifications are checked, recorded and kept up to date. We don’t just want to ‘make up the numbers’: we have exceptional staff and they are eager to earn their pay.

We want to earn not only your business but also your respect and trust, and we are willing to go the extra mile to do it. We operate 24 hours a day so if at any time you believe we are failing to win your business, respect or trust, call us and we will do all we can to put it right.


Unlike some businesses we’re not just about taking: we also want to give you something back and reward your loyalty. When you book a member of staff through Cavalry Healthcare, for each hour you book you amass Cavalry Healthcare credits. These credits can be exchanged for education and training for your staff (and also pens, mugs and other nursing essentials!). This means that you can make savings on your training budget just by switching to us for your agency staff.


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